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Decorate for Doing: Workplace Decor that Works

blog_04_300x120We’ve all heard of the wonders within Google’s offices – indoor go-kart tracks, multicolour fixie bicycles, and indoor slides. But why is Google so invested in creating a fun and fresh working environment? Because a well designed workplace leads to happy employees which, in turn, leads to greater productivity. While you may not be able to create an adult Disneyland within your own offices, a few small tweaks to your existing space can improve morale and boost productivity.

Here are a few quick fixes to get a little Google into your office:

Light it Up

If you’ve ever worked under the glare of fluorescent lights, you know that lighting has an impact on how comfortable you feel at your desk. Natural light is the best for peace of mind. So if your office has windows, don’t block the light!

Paint for Power

Different colours are known to affect us differently. For example, it’s rare to see a spa painted red. That’s because red stimulates your heart rate and breathing – not the ideal choice when you’re trying to relax. Why not use this same colour psychology in your office. Are you a marketing agency or producing some other creative work? Yellow, an optimistic colour that inspires creativity, would work best. Blue promotes productivity and mental stimulation – a great choice for analytics work. White creates an airy feeling that is conducive to any trade!

Keep it Clean

We all know the saying, “cleanliness is next to godliness.” Workspace disorganization leads to a 47% increase in lost time, a 16% increase in meeting tardiness and a 14% increase in missed deadlines. So think about getting some drawer dividers, desktop organizers and color-coded file folders!

Make it Personal

While keeping your desk clean is a definite must, that doesn’t mean you have to work in a spartan environment. In fact, adding some personal items can help motivate and inspire you! Think of a few items that help you get to your “happy place.” Maybe it’s a cool mug or some prints you picked up while on vacation. The easier it is to get comfortable in your workspace, the faster you can settle in and produce great work!

Get Geeky

It’s not about the hottest office gadget or the coolest new tech trinket. Giving your office a little tech boost will really pay off in terms of productivity. Some ideas to consider:

  • Employees who work on computers all day can benefit from two monitors.
  • Top quality software will ramp up efficiency.
  • Concealing cords and wires will keep things tidy.
  • Using online collaboration services can reduce waste and clutter.

Go Green and Leafy

You may think of office plants as plain old décor but plants can make people more productive. When strategically placed, having plants in the office can raise alertness by 70%. As well, they reduce fatigue by 30% and headaches by 20%. Which of these leafy wonders should you choose? The Lemon Balm plant is known for elevating mood, the variegated snake plant acts as an air purifier and Areca palms are natural humidifiers!

When it comes to office décor, small changes can have big results! From repainting the office to hanging a family photo, little touches here and there can go a long way to making the office an enjoyable place to come to every morning. (And remember, you can always splurge for that go-kart track!)

Does your office have cool design and creative décor? Let us know what you love about your office in the comments below

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