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The State of Canadian E-Commerce

blog_01_300x120Canadian e-commerce has taken off and nothing can stop it. Nearly every Canadian Internet user (82%) has made an online purchase this year, according to the latest research by the Ipsos Interactive Reid Report. Across all age groups, online spending is up. WAY up! The average amount of reported spending annually for online purchases is now $954.

Just how impressive are the statistics supporting e-commerce use in Canada? Read on to find out.

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Cyber Security Tips You Need to Know


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Cyber Criminals: Profile of an Online Predator


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Shopping Securely: Tips for Safe Online Shopping


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Social Media Security: Online Tips for Protecting Your Home


The recent celebrity photo leak has made many of us stop and question how safe we are on the web and the security risks that accompany social media use. The reality is that most of us aren't aware of how easy it is to hack into social media profiles … [Continue reading]

Scary Facts About Cyber Attacks


While the fear of a cracked iPhone screen or a coffee-on-keyboard spill (the horror!) may be what's keeping you up at night, there is a very real threat to yourself and your devices that many tech users aren't even considering. Sly and oh so silent, … [Continue reading]

H5 Decor is on a Mission to Decorate with Members-Only E-Commerce Website


Website Provides Limited-Time Discounts on High-End Home Decor Founded by Robert Courey, the prodigy of the legendary linen and textile manufacturing Courey family (of George Courey Inc.), H5 Decor is an e-commerce, home decor destination that sells … [Continue reading]

HTC Guest Post on 4 Tips for Living on a Personal Financial Plan

4 tips featured

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Real Estate Gets Real About Social Media


Realtors are natural marketers. They know how to connect with the local community, foster client relationships, and build trust. Social media is all about connecting with people and is therefore  ideal for the real estate industry. If you’re a … [Continue reading]

Real Estate Agents: Why Your Online Reviews are So Important


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