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Is 2016 the Year of the Wearable?

Wearble technology like the Fitbit are gaining popularity in 2016“The year of the wearable” is a term we’ve been hearing pretty much each year since 2013. The hype in previous years has revolved mostly around smartwatches, health bands, and Google Glass. Recently, public interest has shifted towards the fast advances taking place in the commercial VR marketplace with products like Facebook’s Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive. So is 2016 finally the year of the wearable? Let’s take a look at three interesting trends in wearables this year that might help give us an indication:

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Understanding Google Analytics 360 Suite


Over the past few years Google Analytics (GA) has become the industry standard for website tracking and measurement amongst small and medium-sized business. In 2016 Google is capitalizing on this momentum and eyeing the enterprise data-solutions … [Continue reading]

3 Fundamental Filters for Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be a frightening place for the uninitiated. Unfiltered, unorganized raw data from your site can be challenging to mine for insights, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. Implementing filters in your Google … [Continue reading]

3 Business Benefits of Accessibility Optimized Websites


There are business benefits to designing a website that is optimized for accessibility. The most obvious benefit is the significant proportion of users with sensory impairments who are now potential consumers on your site, but there are other … [Continue reading]

Four Important Features in Google Analytics: Digging Deeper to Get Valuable Insight


By this point, if you have a website, you should also be using Google Analytics. You should also know how to effectively analyze the data it provides in order to make informed decisions. In doing so, you’ll get a good understanding of user behaviour, … [Continue reading]

Accessibility in Web Design

Screen readers help the visually disabled consume web content.

If I told you that your website’s design rendered it inaccessible to millions of people, you’d probably treat it like a pretty big deal. Well if your site isn’t accessible to the hearing and visually impaired, conservative estimates suggest that you … [Continue reading]

Prototyping for Success in the Web Design Process


Once committed to development, website feature and design choices can be costly to modify. Frequent and thorough testing during the planning phase is the key to minimizing post-development revisions. Incorporating prototyping techniques into the … [Continue reading]

The Benefits of User Personas in Software Design


User-centered design is the practice of considering the needs, wants and limitations of a website or software product’s end-user and incorporating those considerations into the product’s design. By keeping the user in focus throughout the development … [Continue reading]

User Experience in Web Design


Enterprises and organizations often conceptualize the requirements for new websites and applications in a vacuum. A small group of internal stakeholders, usually executives with limited technical expertise, will compile a feature wishlist that they … [Continue reading]

2016 Trends in Digital Marketing


In 2015, the number of global Internet users surpassed 3 billion, smartphone use continued to soar, and the wearable form factor emerged. Here are the statistics and trends savvy digital marketers should be aware of as the year wraps up. … [Continue reading]