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Why 2015 is the year to HTTPS EVERYTHING!

blog_03_300x120The verdict is in! SSL encryption earns you consumer trust and better Google rankings. Google has officially acknowledged using HTTPS as a ranking signal and consumers have overwhelmingly indicated that SSL encryption is important to them. Given the relatively low cost of implementing HTTPS on most websites, there is really no excuse NOT to do it.

But wait…what is SSL and how does it boost your business’s search engine rankings and customer confidence?

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How Mobile Devices are Changing Online Recruitment


2015 is the year of mobile web. Tablets and smartphones are now the primary medium for Internet access, and this trend is affecting everything we do online. For businesses this includes online recruitment programs. Today, if you don’t have mobile … [Continue reading]

7 Steps to Successful Employee Recruitment


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Brand Building 101: Small Business Basics


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Video Marketing in 2015


Video has become a fundamental part of how we consume online content. Over the next few years, video is expected to reach 79% of all Internet traffic and businesses will make an investment of nearly $13 billion in video marketing. If you are a … [Continue reading]

Star Citizen: Kickstarter’s Biggest Success


Kickstarter’s popular crowdfunding platform has helped fund the development of major products like the Pebble smartwatch, which raised more than 20$ million during it’s most recent campaign. But even Pebble’s success pales in comparison to the … [Continue reading]

Lloyd Cooper and Montreal Office Space Represent Online Leadership


Lloyd Cooper, one of Cushman & Wakefield’s most successful commercial real estate brokers, was an early adopter of web. In 2005, recognizing the power of online marketing, Lloyd contracted HTC to create a website for, … [Continue reading]

Pebble: The Crowdfunding Campaign that Kickstarted Kickstarter


In April 2012, a company called Pebble Technology set out to fund the development of an innovative wearable electronic device. Pebble’s “smartwatch” promised to do for watches what Apple’s iPhone had done for telephones in 2007. After failing … [Continue reading]

Squarespace: A CMS for the Rest of Us


Launched in 2004, Squarespace is a CMS composed of a website builder, blogging platform and hosting service. Anyone who’s ever created a website with WordPress knows what a struggle modifying themes, laying out content, resizing images, and … [Continue reading]

3 Great Content Management Features of IgnitionWeb


Managing website content can be a drag if you don’t have the right CMS. Styling, formatting, and inserting links or images are challenging tasks if you lack the technical knowledge. These challenges are compounded when a website’s content is … [Continue reading]