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The Benefits of User Personas in Software Design

User-centered design is the practice of considering the needs, wants and limitations of a website or software product’s end-user and incorporating those considerations into the product’s design. By keeping the user in focus throughout the development process, you will create more useful and commercially viable products. One great tool for achieving user-centered design is the […]

Use the Laws of Attraction to Create Eye-Catching Web Design

You know it when you see it. Great design. Effortless, eye-catching design reaches out to us. It’s appealing. But what is it about good design that attracts our eye? You might not know it, but our brains are programmed to be attracted to certain visual queues. In fact, the same factors that cause us to […]

Geeky History: The Story Behind UI Symbols

They grace our gadgets and electrical appliances. We see them countless times a day, but most of us never bother to ask where they came from. They are User Interface (UI) symbols and each one has a unique tale behind their rise from obscurity to ubiquity. So where did UI symbols come from?

The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

People browsing the web on-the-go have different motivations and constraints than those sitting at a desk. If you’re accessing a company website from your smartphone in the back of a cab, chances are you’re looking for an address or phone number. Scrolling through the company vision statement is most likely not on the to do […]

What Does Your Logo Say About You?

Logos are the signature of a brand. They tell a story about a company’s identity. Founder and Creative Director of Before & After magazine, John McWade, explains that because a logo is “an important guest at many occasions, it absolutely must perform and behave well no matter what.”  An effective logo is the first step […]

7 Habits of Highly Effective Web Designers

More often than not, businesses looking to build a website are thinking flashy visuals and fancy features. But when it comes to web design, it’s essential to remember your website is first and foremost a sales tool. For your site to be an asset to your business, it has to be effective. What does this […]

Make Promotional Products Work for Your Business

Look in your desk drawer, or your locker, or your bag. Chances are, you’ve got some promotional products in there. While you may even use many of the promotional items you’ve accumulated along your career, are they effective? Are you more likely to choose the brand plastered on the mouse pad or holding your morning […]

Online Recruitment: 5 Quick Tips to Help You Convert More Applicants

If you’re responsible for recruitment, head hunting or hiring within your organization and don’t have an optimized careers section on your website, pay attention. If you’re a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) trying to keep costs down and get the right people in the door to drive performance, then this article bears even greater relevance […]

Infinite Scrolling: Don’t Jump on the Bandwagon Without Reading This First

Infinite scrolling has been included in many popular web design trends this year. Many websites have chosen this design as an alternative to pagination because they feel it satisfies users’ desires to click less and see more. But is this new trend one that will stick around for long? As is the case with many […]

Going Mobile: Why Your Company Needs M-Commerce Now!

M-Commerce, short for mobile commerce, is the new focal initiative for many businesses around the globe. Many of us have already become accustomed to browsing sites optimized for mobile and even making purchases through our phones. The push towards mobile is no surprise: companies who have mastered this domain are seeing significant results. As an example, […]