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Avoid the Dark Side of Content Marketing: Go Inbound!

Not all content marketing is created equal. We know that the key to content marketing success is content, but content can come in many different forms. Valuable, relevant and well-written content – the good stuff that will actually bring you business – takes time and energy. The good news is that if your business commits, […]

8 Industries Where Content Marketing Works

No matter the writing project, the first rule is to identify your audience. The reality is that people mostly want to know what applies to them, which means that your content marketing strategy can only work if your content speaks to your target audience. Once you’ve identified who you’re writing to, the next step is […]

Content Marketing: 4 Advantages to Think About

By now, most of us know the importance of having a social presence. But what about content marketing? Is it worth spending all that time and effort to create and maintain consistent content? The short answer is: ABSOLUTELY! Consumers are turning away from advertising at an increasingly faster rate and turning towards real information and […]

Content Marketing 101 – The One-Pager to Get You Started

It’s the buzzword of the year: content marketing. Your competitors are all doing it but you don’t know where to start – or if all this content stuff can really help your bottom line. So who do ask? Where do you jump in? And how much time and money do you have to invest before […]

Storytelling: The Key to Captivating Content

Business users on the web are overloaded with information. So much so, that 90% of professionals admitted to having thrown away important documents without reading them. So how do you get your content to stand out amongst the clutter? How do you present information that rises above the noise? The key is telling a story. […]

New Media Doesn’t Mean New Marketing

In a few short years, social media has come to the forefront of our lives. As companies cut back on billboards and launch crusades for ‘Likes’, it seems as though the entire marketing landscape has changed. Many content marketing ‘Specialists’ want you to believe that all your old skills and tactics are useless and part […]

Meet Brittany, HTC’s Newest Team Member

The team at HTC continues to grow, one staff member at a time. The latest addition is the witty wordsmith Brittany Shiller who joins us as our Content Marketing Specialist. Take a minute, or two, to learn more about her!

Content is King, but Relevance Reigns!

Content may be king on the web but it’s relevance that reigns when it comes to engaging your audience and creating successful relationships that last. Connecting and communicating with your audience is also the key to having your content stand out from all the online clutter. While using keywords is important, Google has made a […]

Creating Buzz and Going Viral

Is it possible to create something so unbelievable, so unheard of that people might actually wonder, “Could it be true?!” Creating unique content can create a buzz, but creating unique content that challenges our instincts and perceptions is something that’s worth talking about and capable of going viral. Within the last 48 hours, a video […]