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H5 Decor is on a Mission to Decorate with Members-Only E-Commerce Website

Website Provides Limited-Time Discounts on High-End Home Decor Founded by Robert Courey, the prodigy of the legendary linen and textile manufacturing Courey family (of George Courey Inc.), H5 Decor is an e-commerce, home decor destination that sells products for the five most celebrated spaces of the home: Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, and Outdoors/Garage. Offering […]

HTC Guest Post on 4 Tips for Living on a Personal Financial Plan

Companies go to great lengths to control costs and boost billings. As a business it’s not enough just to be solvent, you have to be profitable. This means paying close attention to every dollar and monitoring time to ensure it’s used efficiently. As a team of professionals at High-Touch, we rely on our HourGlass software […]

Productivity Bootcamp: How to Become an Office All-Star

Bill Gates did not become Bill Gates by taking endless coffee breaks or walking to the bathroom the long way. We all know that success takes hard work. Not all of us want to be CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but we all want to be champions at our job. So what is stopping […]

Google’s Stock Split and the Real Motivation Behind It

Google’s stock price was cut in half Wednesday following a 2 for 1 stock split, traditionally used to decrease the amount required for investors to buy in or as a show of confidence by company managers. Forbes contributor Chuck Jones doesn’t believe Google is slicing its stock for traditional reasons, however. In his article, Google […]

7 Day Plan to the Most Productive You

Between Facebook and Twitter, online shopping, and your co-workers hilarious cat pictures, it can be tough to stay focused at work, no matter how determined you are to be productive. So how do you maintain your momentum throughout the week? Be accountable to yourself. Make yourself a monthly, weekly and daily list of goals. When […]

Beauty & Brains: 1 Year Later

Oh how time flies. Just over a year ago the team at High-Touch decided we wanted to get involved with the tech community by participating and engaging through popular social channels. We started by creating optimized profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also launched this site, the Beauty & Brains blog, to share HTC’s […]

The Velan Recipe for Global Success

Since Velan founder, A.K. Velan, first began traveling the world in the 1950’s, overseas expansion has been at the forefront of the company agenda. Velan, a global leader in valve manufacturing, has experienced an exciting milestone year: over $500 million in sales for the fiscal year ending February 28, 2013. Selling over 600,000 valves in […]

Facebook Hashtags: 5 Ways These Will Benefit Your Business

The web is buzzing with Facebook’s launch of the coveted hashtag, a feature that has experienced significant success on other social platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. For those that don’t know how hashtagging works, hashtags are a self-indexing tool: placing the # symbol in front of a term in your tweet or photo makes […]

An Interview with BioAmber: A Leading Web Presence

A big part of what we do at High-Touch involves educating people about the value of the Internet in reaching business objectives through strategic online initiatives. What better way to communicate its importance than through a real-world account from one of our clients? Babette Pettersen, Chief Commercial Officer at BioAmber, graciously took the time to […]

Going Viral: The Harlem Shake and The Meme Factor

As the Harlem Shake has swept the Internet over the past few weeks, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how important the meme factor is in creating a viral craze. Content that can easily be mimicked and reproduced has a much better chance of going viral. Videos and images that […]