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The beauty and brains behind this blog consists of clever, crafty Canadian contributors that love alliteration as much as sharing their knowledge. Don’t worry, we’re kidding about the alliteration; no one here makes any Shakespearean attempt. BUT! Our bloggers have very diverse backgrounds, unique sets of experiences and distinct areas of expertise from which they draw to educate, inspire and impress. Stay tuned! And welcome to the conversation. 🙂

The HTC Team
Each member of the HTC team plays a critical role in our success. Get a closer look at who we are, our industry favorites, trends we’re following, and other things that inspire us.

Tom – President
As HTC’s founder and President, Tom sheds light on his 30 years of success as a branding guru and digital marketing pioneer.

Kevin – Account Director
Kevin is our expert in all things Google with certifications in both Google Analytics and Google AdWords. His advice will help you get more results with less spending.

Asrar – Web Developer
Asrar develops for the user and writes for the developer. He details how to deliver the most elegant solutions with modern web and mobile technology.

Alexandra – Contributor
Alexandra is an internet and typography geek who makes a living selling handmade jewelry and guest blogging at HTC.