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The Velan Recipe for Global Success

Since Velan founder, A.K. Velan, first began traveling the world in the 1950’s, overseas expansion has been at the forefront of the company agenda. Velan, a global leader in valve manufacturing, has experienced an exciting milestone year: over $500 million in sales for the fiscal year ending February 28, 2013. Selling over 600,000 valves in […]

The Hidden Costs of “Cheap” Web Design

By now you know how critical a website is to your business. A quick search for “cheap web design” on Google will give you dozens of “web designers” who will have your website up and running in no time. You could even design the website yourself using WordPress or some other DIY web design service. […]

7 Habits of Highly Effective Web Designers

More often than not, businesses looking to build a website are thinking flashy visuals and fancy features. But when it comes to web design, it’s essential to remember your website is first and foremost a sales tool. For your site to be an asset to your business, it has to be effective. What does this […]

There’s an App for That! Should Your Company Have an App?

By now, most of us have collected a nice assortment of apps. They help us do banking, they help us find music, pay for parking, make reservations, shop, and even entertain us with games.  As mobile continues to develop, more and more companies are developing apps in order to enhance the user experience. Many apps […]

7 Web Design Conventions You Should Never Break

Don’t make them think. This is the key to successful web design. Today, a great website is one that feels familiar the first time a user browses through. Navigating from page to page is effortless, information is straightforward, everything does what it’s expected to do, and users can find exactly what they’re looking for quickly […]

Make Promotional Products Work for Your Business

Look in your desk drawer, or your locker, or your bag. Chances are, you’ve got some promotional products in there. While you may even use many of the promotional items you’ve accumulated along your career, are they effective? Are you more likely to choose the brand plastered on the mouse pad or holding your morning […]

Time for a Redesign? Take the Website Redesign Test to Find Out!

Are you or your boss putting off a website redesign because it’s too costly? Neglecting the website may be costing the company more than an update: stale content is increasing your bounce rate, old technology is frustrating visitors (potential leads), and poor search engine ranking means your losing business to your competition.

How To Write Email Marketing Love Letters

With social media securing its role in building B2B relationships, many feel that email marketing is outdated. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feel cool and new while email feels like a thing of the past. While new always feels a little shinier, let’s not forget that email has 2.9 billion user accounts – that’s almost three […]

A Local Logistics Company with Global Capabilities: Traffic Tech’s Success Story

Traffic Tech, a leader in global logistics, has grown to 23 offices around the globe and continues to expand at an impressive pace. The Traffic Tech story begins in 1988 with a young entrepreneur, Brian Arnott, who left his job at a local logistics company with the vision and ambition to do logistics better. It […]

The Ultimate Tweet Checklist

With a mere 140 characters, crafting the perfect tweet can be a tricky feat. It’s not just about creative content and witty writing; your Tweets are only effective if they are seen and encourage people to engage. When composing your tweet, remember that every character counts. These 5 tips will help you maximize each tweet […]