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About The HTC Team

The HTC team works together to fuse elegant design and usable functionality. We are proud of our personal approach, innovative talent and ambitious attitude. But we’re more than just an industry-leading company. We are left-right brainers, trend-spotters, explorers, leaders, strategists and sometimes we’re simply beer connoisseurs. Check out what’s inspiring us today!

Cyber Security Tips You Need to Know

As more and more of our information and activity moves online, cyber-security is more important then ever. In light of the recent celebrity photo leaks that have put a spotlight on the vulnerability of your online information, we present to you 6 tips on how to improve your personal cyber-safety:

Shopping Securely: Tips for Safe Online Shopping

A new dress for your upcoming interview, your prescription medication, a bed for your dog, your groceries. What do all these things have in common? You can buy them online. Online shopping is the ultimate convenience; bringing everything you need just a few clicks away – from your office, your bed, or even while riding […]

Email Marketing for Real Estate Agents in 3 Easy Steps

Many real estate agents today are still relying on “For Sale” signs hammered into property lawns, or mailed postcards featuring a maximum of 4 or 5 pictures. If you are counting on local signage and print advertising alone, you are missing out on one of best opportunities for real estate agents: Email Marketing campaigns. The […]

Content Marketing 101 – The One-Pager to Get You Started

It’s the buzzword of the year: content marketing. Your competitors are all doing it but you don’t know where to start – or if all this content stuff can really help your bottom line. So who do ask? Where do you jump in? And how much time and money do you have to invest before […]

Productivity Bootcamp: How to Become an Office All-Star

Bill Gates did not become Bill Gates by taking endless coffee breaks or walking to the bathroom the long way. We all know that success takes hard work. Not all of us want to be CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but we all want to be champions at our job. So what is stopping […]

How to Recruit Top Talent Using Social Media

Imagine finding your next star employee through…Facebook? It’s not as crazy as you may think. Facebook, and other social platforms, are quickly becoming legitimate recruiting tools with big names like Pepsi, GAP, Oracle and AIG turning to the vast user base of social networks to garner their freshest recruits. You can turn to job boards […]

How To Transform Your Smartphone Into Your Best Job Search Tool

Long gone are the days of landing a job through the newspaper classified ads or cold calls. Today’s job market is tough and competitive, but the good news is that your most powerful job search tool is in the palm of your hand – your smartphone. Thanks to mobile phones and tablets, job seekers can […]

Long Live Email!

With the rise of Twitter and other social media channels, some are predicting the impending death of email marketing. There are rumours that email is outdated and that social should be the new strategy. While the appeal of social media as a communications vehicle is undeniable, email has not lost its lustre. In fact, email […]

It’s Time for Responsive Email

More than ever before, people are checking their emails on the go. An astounding 43% of emails are being opened on mobile devices – and this number is expected to reach over 50% by the end of 2013! Unfortunately, most companies have been slow to recognize the trend, with a mere 25% creating mobile friendly […]

Beauty & Brains: 1 Year Later

Oh how time flies. Just over a year ago the team at High-Touch decided we wanted to get involved with the tech community by participating and engaging through popular social channels. We started by creating optimized profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also launched this site, the Beauty & Brains blog, to share HTC’s […]