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About Brittany

Brittany earned her BA at Columbia University, where her enthusiasm for writing and web savvy initiated her career as an online media specialist. As our in-house wordsmith, Brittany is dedicated to providing exciting and relevant web content to each of our clients with the goal of maximizing their online presence and establishing their role as a leader in their industry. If she is not blogging, tweeting, pinning or liking, Brittany can usually be found playing sports, where she loves to beat the boys. She can be contacted at brittany[at]

Cyber Criminals: Profile of an Online Predator

Another day, another breach in Internet security. For the second time in a few short weeks, celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, and Kate Bosworth were the target of professional hackers who uploaded dozens of the star’s personal photos online. Who is to blame for the breach? The photos were allegedly stolen off of iCloud, […]

Social Media Security: Online Tips for Protecting Your Home

The recent celebrity photo leak has made many of us stop and question how safe we are on the web and the security risks that accompany social media use. The reality is that most of us aren’t aware of how easy it is to hack into social media profiles and just how common cyber attacks […]

Real Estate Agents: Why Your Online Reviews are So Important

When it comes to choosing a real estate agent, there is certainly no shortage of options. From newspaper ads to billboards to the back of the yellow pages, brokers are beckoning for potential customers to pick them. So how does a real estate agent stand out from the crowd? Just like you use Trip Advisor […]

Avoid the Dark Side of Content Marketing: Go Inbound!

Not all content marketing is created equal. We know that the key to content marketing success is content, but content can come in many different forms. Valuable, relevant and well-written content – the good stuff that will actually bring you business – takes time and energy. The good news is that if your business commits, […]

8 Industries Where Content Marketing Works

No matter the writing project, the first rule is to identify your audience. The reality is that people mostly want to know what applies to them, which means that your content marketing strategy can only work if your content speaks to your target audience. Once you’ve identified who you’re writing to, the next step is […]

Decorate for Doing: Workplace Decor that Works

We’ve all heard of the wonders within Google’s offices – indoor go-kart tracks, multicolour fixie bicycles, and indoor slides. But why is Google so invested in creating a fun and fresh working environment? Because a well designed workplace leads to happy employees which, in turn, leads to greater productivity. While you may not be able […]

Common Culprits of the Wasted Workweek

You had your power breakfast, wrote out your to-do list and put your brain in high gear, but by the time you sift through all your emails (plus a few cat videos), it’s time for a team meeting. By the time the meeting wraps up, it’s already lunch and that to-do list is glaring at […]

These Foods Will Boost Your Business Brainpower

That morning donut sure tasted delicious, but now you’re feeling sluggish and your concentration is waning. You may not know it but that donut (and those birthday cupcakes) are doing more harm than you think. In fact, our nutrition has a direct correlation to our work productivity, according to a study released by the International […]

7 Day Plan to the Most Productive You

Between Facebook and Twitter, online shopping, and your co-workers hilarious cat pictures, it can be tough to stay focused at work, no matter how determined you are to be productive. So how do you maintain your momentum throughout the week? Be accountable to yourself. Make yourself a monthly, weekly and daily list of goals. When […]

FreshMint Montreal: A Healthy Lunch that Comes to You

During March, we’ll be exploring local and Canadian business ventures whose innovative business models harness the potential of new technologies and the mobile-web. By addressing modern market demands with modern solutions, these game-changing businesses are challenging industry norms and connecting with a new generation of consumers. The Trouble with Eating Fresh Eight hours a day, […]