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About Asrar

Asrar is an integral part of the development team at HTC, transforming concepts and ideas into functional applications. He is a creative web developer who can write robust code and is also gifted with a flair for design. Guided by the principles of software engineering and user experience, he strives to develop web and mobile apps that not only have awesome functionality, but are a pleasure to use as well. Born and raised in Montreal, you can be sure that when he’s not programming, he’s either playing hockey, watching hockey, reading about hockey, talking about hockey, or updating his fantasy hockey lineup. He can be reached at asrar[at] or on Twitter at @asrar_ca.

Using Synergy to Make 1 + 1 = 3

Have you ever had that feeling, “If you want something done right, you got to do it yourself?” In the workplace, this can be a catastrophic sentiment. If you do feel this way sometimes, you are missing the key ingredient to an effective work relationship: synergy. What exactly is synergy? Synergy is the working together of […]

Are You Making Your Users Feel Stupid?

I usually take public transit to work, but once in a while I drive all the way in. I park at a public parking lot: $18 for the day. Pretty expensive, but it’s the closest one to the office. At least the self-pay machines are simple and convenient: slide in your credit card, hit the […]

Tips for Effective Logo Design

Business owners invest a lot in their company: office space, employees, materials, management systems, marketing, etc. All these things are important. But for whatever reason, many companies seem to believe that they can make do with a logo that was designed by their 15 year old nephew. The conversation might go something like this:

Designing for Mobile Should Be Part of Your Business Strategy

You’ve finally done it! You finally got your slick new website up and running, with a cool jQuery slider, a Twitter feed, a Google “+1” button and stock photography of a cute tech support girl. You’ve tested in IE7, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari and everything looks great! Yay! You post a link to the site […]