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About Alexandra

Alexandra, otherwise known as Ali, is a Montreal high school student. She has been an Internet and typography geek for 15 years now. Alexandra
aspires to have a career in the arts, specifically either writing or filmmaking, and her biggest goal is to live in New York City. She currently makes a living by selling her handmade jewelry and as a guest blogger at HTC. Alexandra loves fashion, style, design and blogging, and is an avid Polyvore user. When she’s not at school, she can be found reading, writing, playing guitar or designing outfits.

Polyvore: The Ultimate Fashion Merchandising Platform

Imagine walking into a store with over 500 fashion brands, lightning-speed ability to mix and match different pieces, and ample pairing suggestions from like-minded people around the world. Sound impossible? Welcome to Polyvore. Founded in 2007, Polyvore is the web’s largest fashion community, combining fashion merchandising, social networking, affiliate marketing and eCommerce. Today, it caters […]