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Archives for February 2015

E-Commerce Affluenza: The Hyper Affluent Embrace Online Buying

A new research report published by Martini Media and performed by Ipsos Media CT titled “The Affluent Audience Online” reveals the shift of wealthy American consumers towards the increased purchasing of luxury goods online. The study explored the behaviour of four key segments of the “Affluent Market”, defined by annual household income and age. The […]

A Love Letter to E-Commerce

Dear E-Commerce, Happy Valentines Day! On this special day I wanted to let you know that I love you. I’ve loved you since the day we had our first online transaction. Do you remember it? Of course you do, transaction history is stored in your database, that’s what makes reordering so easy with you. I […]

Valuable Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your E-Commerce Store

February is that special month when lovers express their affection through the purchase of gifts. For those of us whose true love is e-commerce, Valentine’s day is also an opportunity to connect with consumers. Average annual Valentine’s Day spending now exceeds 13 billion, with the average consumer coughing up $116.21 on presents. This means there […]