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Cyber Security Tips You Need to Know

blog_05_300x120As more and more of our information and activity moves online, cyber-security is more important then ever. In light of the recent celebrity photo leaks that have put a spotlight on the vulnerability of your online information, we present to you 6 tips on how to improve your personal cyber-safety:

1. Use full disk encryption on laptops

In the event that someone gains access to your laptop, a layer of encryption can slow-down, deter, or even prevent a hacker from being able to access sensitive or valuable files and information.

2. Don’t allow apps from unknown publishers to run on your smartphone.

Some smartphone apps carry viruses,or malware that can harm your phone. To prevent this, think twice before you download an app and investigate the legitimacy of the publisher before you hit “Install”.

3. Clear your browser cache periodically, forcing it to load latest versions of web pages and programs.

Clearing your browser cache will force your browser to run the latest and most secure versions of web pages and online applications.

4. Remove older, unneeded software versions.

The most recent software versions are always the most secure. Upgrading or deleting older programs will not only eliminate that risk, but also free up space on your hard drive.

5. Rethink network security; assume you’ve already been hacked!

Thinking like you’ve already been hacked will force you to identify weak points in your system that can be easily taken advantage of. Isolating vulnerabilities will allow you to patch up the chinks in your (cyber) armor.

6. Don’t send confidential or sensitive data via email in clear text

As some emails can be intercepted by non-friendly sources, you should avoid sending sensitive data, such as passwords or account numbers.

By applying these tips, you can take a proactive approach to cyber security and secure your online information from potential attackers.


* GUEST POST: Vishan Charamis is a Montreal based student with an interest in computer science and graphic design.

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