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Common Culprits of the Wasted Workweek

blog_03_300x120You had your power breakfast, wrote out your to-do list and put your brain in high gear, but by the time you sift through all your emails (plus a few cat videos), it’s time for a team meeting. By the time the meeting wraps up, it’s already lunch and that to-do list is glaring at you, without a single item crossed off. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. While most of us spend countless hours at work, it seems that most of the time, we’re not actually working at all.

So what’s going wrong?

Distractor #1: Excessive Email

Consider this: In an average week, an employee receives 304 business emails. Employees actually check their email an average of 36 times – every hour! It’s not hard to see how emails can easily eat up half our day. And if reading emails isn’t taking up your entire day, consider the fact that it takes 16 minutes to refocus after checking emails. Email distractors can take up more than just your time. When you field emails constantly throughout the day, you lose 10 IQ points  – the same as missing an entire night’s sleep. Say goodbye to that power breakfast.

Distractor #2: Meetings

While meetings are supposed to make us more efficient, in reality, they often do the opposite. On average, employees attend 62 meetings per month. Of those meetings, employees consider half to be time wasted. This means about 31 hours are spent in unproductive meetings each month. That’s nearly four full workdays! Why are meetings so unproductive? 91% of meeting goers reported that they daydreamed during meetings, 73% said they did other work during meetings, while 39% admitted they have actually fallen asleep. The cost of unproductive meetings? $37 Billion in salary wages.

Distractor #3: Interruptions

Between stories about the weekend, funny memes and casual chit-chat, an average employee is interrupted 56 times each day. In fact, employees are so frequently interrupted that they only spend 3 minutes working at a time. In total, that adds up to 2 hours each day spent recovering from distractions.

When you take all these distractors into account, it’s not hard to see that less than 60% of work time is actually spent doing productive work. In fact, you’ve spent 5 minutes reading this blog post! Stop the trend and get back to work! (But first, kindly let us know which of these distractors you’re affected by most!)

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