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These Foods Will Boost Your Business Brainpower

businessThat morning donut sure tasted delicious, but now you’re feeling sluggish and your concentration is waning. You may not know it but that donut (and those birthday cupcakes) are doing more harm than you think. In fact, our nutrition has a direct correlation to our work productivity, according to a study released by the International Labor Organization in 2005.

Just how much can our diets impact our work performance? The World Health Organization suggests that if we said ‘no’ to the sweets and treats, we could actually raise our productivity level by 20%. That donut isn’t looking as tempting now, is it?

So which foods will amp your brain power?

Whole Grains: Rather than filling your body with refined sugar that will cause you to crash, try oatmeal for breakfast. Whole grains provide vitamin E and fiber that will keep you energized well into the afternoon.

Blueberries: Throw some on your oatmeal or in your yogurt. The antioxidants in blueberries protect the brain from cell damage and reduce the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Blueberries have also been shown to improve learning and muscle function.

Raw Carrots: Another way to keep your body fueled, raw carrots provide your brain with a steady level of glucose. You’ll get the energy you need without that dreaded crash.

Fish: It’s one of the top brain-boosting foods. Rich in oil, and fortified with omega-3 fatty acids, fish enhances brain function and development, and protects memory as we age.

Chocolate: Last but certainly not least, dark chocolate contains antioxidants that slow cognitive decline and also provides caffeine, for that extra concentration boost.

Think about how you feel after that delicious (but oh so heavy) Thanksgiving meal. Imagine having to write a 20-page report following that second slice of pecan pie. While your daily food intake may not be this extreme, it’s clear that what we consume affects our energy and motivation. Bosses and managers, providing healthy snacks at the office may sound costly, but you should ask yourself how much employee consumption of pizzas and burgers costs you in overall productivity.

Helping your employees to pursue a healthy diet is smart for your body, but also smart for your business.

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