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7 Day Plan to the Most Productive You

productiveBetween Facebook and Twitter, online shopping, and your co-workers hilarious cat pictures, it can be tough to stay focused at work, no matter how determined you are to be productive. So how do you maintain your momentum throughout the week? Be accountable to yourself. Make yourself a monthly, weekly and daily list of goals. When you have a clear target, it’s easy to stay focused on the bullseye. Here are some ideas to focus on this week that might give you a head start on a productive lifestyle:

Day 1: Come out Swinging

It’s easy to keep putting off that complicated report or 30-page brief. But rather than letting it loom over your head for the rest of the week, get it out of the way first thing. While it may be tough to get through, the satisfaction of completing it will give you extra motivation for upcoming tasks.

Day 2: Makeover your Attitude

Changing the way you look at your work can have a huge impact on your productivity. Rather than dreading a task because you have to work with that colleague who drives you crazy, treat it as an opportunity to overcome a challenge. Looking at things in a positive light can make the worst tasks the most rewarding.

Day 3: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Maybe a little help from a colleague will let you finish a task in a quarter the time. Maybe taking a short break will give your brain a much-needed rest or let you look at a problem with fresh eyes. It’s not always about putting your head down and plowing through.

Day 4: No Pain, No Gain

It may be hard to see the forest through the trees sometimes, but don’t let yourself get discouraged. Enduring a hard day lets you know you’re earning something worthwhile.  Stick to your goals and don’t let a tough period get in the way of your long-term vision.

Day 5: Be OK with Letting Go

Everyone is good at something but no one is good at everything. Don’t stress about the one thing that didn’t go right. Focus on your strengths and look at your weaknesses as opportunities for improvement.

Day 6: Surround Yourself with the Right People

We all know that our friends rub off on us. There’s always that “last drink” or some great excuse to fake sick for the day. Surrounding yourself with people who are ambitious and motivated to succeed will allow the right things to rub off on you.

Day 7: Acknowledge your Accomplishments

You’ve managed to make it this far. Focus on what you’ve accomplished and use it as fuel for moving forward and making slow the changes that will help you complete your goals and rev up your motivation for the productive weeks ahead.

Let us know if these tips were helpful to you!

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