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FreshMint Montreal: A Healthy Lunch that Comes to You

During March, we’ll be exploring local and Canadian business ventures whose innovative business models harness the potential of new technologies and the mobile-web. By addressing modern market demands with modern solutions, these game-changing businesses are challenging industry norms and connecting with a new generation of consumers.

blog_03_300x120The Trouble with Eating Fresh

Eight hours a day, five days a week sitting at a computer, can take a toll on your body and your well-being. We all know its vital to make time for our health – bike to work, take the stairs, do a few crunches at lunch – but if you’re a professional with a 6:30 AM alarm, a 1-hour commute and several stacks of paperwork, chances are that the last thing you have time for is eating healthy at the office. Enter FreshMint.

FreshMint, Griffintown’s hottest new startup, prepares and delivers healthy gourmet lunches and dinners to hungry Montrealers for just $9-$12. Simply sign up on the website, check out the menu of the day and click to have it delivered in 30 minutes or less. No obligations, no preordering, no delivery fees.

Freshmint’s Sensible Solution

Sensible, affordable and convenient, FreshMint’s business model was dreamed up by Cherif Habib, a 32 year old Montrealer who holds an MBA and law degree. While Habib, handles the daily operations, his business partner, Marco Barone, is in charge of the food. And it’s no wonder the menus have been such a hit. With professional training from Montreal’s Insitut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec culinary school and experience in the kitchens of revered establishments like Gordon Ramsay’s London-based Boxwood Café, Barone clearly knows his way around the kitchen.

A test version of the company was launched in November and the results couldn’t have been more positive. In less than three months, over 3,000 people signed up to receive FreshMint’s fine fare that have included Moroccan citrus chicken tajine with seasonal vegetables and Iraqi beet soup with jasmine rice dumplings. With sure signs of success, the duo is looking forward to moving into their brand new production space on de la Commune.

So if you’re ready to trade in your greasy corner pizza for some lemon-tarragon chicken with quinoa salad – to actually get excited about lunch – look out for FreshMint and get ready to get clicking.

Have you signed up for FreshMint? Let us know in the comments below!

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