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Archives for February 2014

How to Recruit Top Talent Using Social Media

Imagine finding your next star employee through…Facebook? It’s not as crazy as you may think. Facebook, and other social platforms, are quickly becoming legitimate recruiting tools with big names like Pepsi, GAP, Oracle and AIG turning to the vast user base of social networks to garner their freshest recruits. You can turn to job boards […]

Get Hired with Shiny Social Media Presence

Facebook is just for keeping in touch with friends, right? Sharing photos, updates and the latest Will Farrell joke, right? Not quite. If you’re job hunting, chances are that your friends aren’t the only ones clicking through Facebook photos and scrolling through your tweets. The world of job searching and hiring is changing. In fact, […]

How To Transform Your Smartphone Into Your Best Job Search Tool

Long gone are the days of landing a job through the newspaper classified ads or cold calls. Today’s job market is tough and competitive, but the good news is that your most powerful job search tool is in the palm of your hand – your smartphone. Thanks to mobile phones and tablets, job seekers can […]