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Use the Laws of Attraction to Create Eye-Catching Web Design

You know it when you see it. Great design. Effortless, eye-catching design reaches out to us. It’s appealing. But what is it about good design that attracts our eye? You might not know it, but our brains are programmed to be attracted to certain visual queues. In fact, the same factors that cause us to […]

Geeky History: The Story Behind UI Symbols

They grace our gadgets and electrical appliances. We see them countless times a day, but most of us never bother to ask where they came from. They are User Interface (UI) symbols and each one has a unique tale behind their rise from obscurity to ubiquity. So where did UI symbols come from?

Writing an Email Marketing Campaign? Read this before you click send!

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience. An email is a powerful, personalized way to share company news and helpful information; introduce a new product, service or promotion; or generate sales leads. A well-designed, properly targeted, and branded email campaign can become the cornerstone of your marketing strategy, […]

Long Live Email!

With the rise of Twitter and other social media channels, some are predicting the impending death of email marketing. There are rumours that email is outdated and that social should be the new strategy. While the appeal of social media as a communications vehicle is undeniable, email has not lost its lustre. In fact, email […]