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The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

ResponsivePeople browsing the web on-the-go have different motivations and constraints than those sitting at a desk. If you’re accessing a company website from your smartphone in the back of a cab, chances are you’re looking for an address or phone number. Scrolling through the company vision statement is most likely not on the to do list. Websites with responsive designs adapt their presentation according to the device they are being viewed on, in order to provide a tailored browsing experience. While desktops allow for a full-blown interface with videos, large graphics and animations, smartphones usually require single-column layouts and simplified content. Presentation on tablets falls somewhere in-between the two.

What’s so good about responsive design?

1. An Optimized Look Across All Devices

Whether it be on mobile, tablet or desktop, your website’s presentation is important. Designing only for desktop risks alienating mobile and tablet users as they struggle to navigate a wide layout on their narrow viewport. With 50% of mobile phone users making mobile their primary internet source, responsive design has become a leg up on the competition.

2. Easy Reading and Navigation

46% of mobile users report having difficulty interacting with web pages. This is due to the abundance of websites that have not yet adapted to the mobile age. Desktop designs require mobile-users to tap, zoom and scroll excessively in order to access basic content. Responsive websites are designed with consideration  for smaller devices and streamline the process of navigating a site into the minimal number of inputs, with little scrolling and (ideally) no zooming. Essentially, a good mobile experience only requires a single hand for navigation.

3. Google Approved

Responsive web design is considered best practice by internet giant Google. Specifically, Google recommends serving the same HTML to all devices, and using CSS media queries to tailor stylesheet presentation according to device. Responsive web design is just another way of getting on Google’s good side.

Is your site responsive yet? What have you experienced from implementing a responsive website? Let us know in the comments below.

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