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Archives for December 2013

3 Killer Mobile Email Campaign Mistakes

Email is the top activity on smartphones. While many companies have started to optimize their campaigns for mobile, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Marketers are falling peril to bad practices that are resulting in unsuccessful mobile email campaigns. From tiny buttons to poorly scaled images, here are the 3 common mobile […]

It’s Time for Responsive Email

More than ever before, people are checking their emails on the go. An astounding 43% of emails are being opened on mobile devices – and this number is expected to reach over 50% by the end of 2013! Unfortunately, most companies have been slow to recognize the trend, with a mere 25% creating mobile friendly […]

The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

People browsing the web on-the-go have different motivations and constraints than those sitting at a desk. If you’re accessing a company website from your smartphone in the back of a cab, chances are you’re looking for an address or phone number. Scrolling through the company vision statement is most likely not on the to do […]