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Archives for September 2013

Mobile Moves: The 3 Biggest Mobile Commerce Trends for 2014

According to BI Intelligence, 29% of mobile users have made a purchase with their phones. By the end of this year, mobile commerce sales will have grown 67%, reaching $25.4 billion. Many businesses like eBay and Amazon have already seen incredible results from their investment in mobile commerce this year, and many more are looking […]

Time Tracking Software is Essential for These 3 “Time is Money” Industries

“Time is money” was a phrase first coined by Benjamin Franklin in Advice to a Young Tradesman. The term refers to the opportunity cost of wasting time that could be spent on profitable endeavors. Today many industries and businesses bill on the basis of time. For these entities, Franklin’s statement is especially true and time […]

There’s an App for That! Should Your Company Have an App?

By now, most of us have collected a nice assortment of apps. They help us do banking, they help us find music, pay for parking, make reservations, shop, and even entertain us with games.  As mobile continues to develop, more and more companies are developing apps in order to enhance the user experience. Many apps […]

7 Web Design Conventions You Should Never Break

Don’t make them think. This is the key to successful web design. Today, a great website is one that feels familiar the first time a user browses through. Navigating from page to page is effortless, information is straightforward, everything does what it’s expected to do, and users can find exactly what they’re looking for quickly […]