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Your Brand Strategy Needs a Powerful Brand Story

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“What’s your story?” is a common line we often hear upon meeting someone. People want to know what we’re about – what they can relate to, what surprises them, intrigues them, or gives them a sense of comfort.  Once the person understands your “story”, they can categorize you, work you into their broader storyboard of people, and you become a page in the grand story of “people I’ve met”.

Since childhood, our minds are infatuated by stories. But it’s more than that. In the most general sense, our mind organizes events and encounters into stories in order to best understand them. As best-selling author Daniel Kahneman points out in “Thinking Fast and Slow”, a story is our natural central learning and reference system.

Just as we organize people and events into stories, we categorize brands we encounter in the same way. The brand story a company creates will determine the way in which their target audience experiences the brand, and which larger story the brand becomes a part of. Specifically, if the brand story is able to tap into certain memories and emotions, the consumer will experience this brand with these same sensations – be it everlasting love, empowerment or wisdom. Take Nike for example. As one of the most powerful brands, Nike does a fabulous job of tapping into our memories of challenging ourselves to our maximum, and our emotions of achievement. The important take away is that powerful brand stories let us remember brands better and affect us more deeply.

So how can brands tell their story in a powerful way that resonates with their audience?

Be Authentic
Just as when we were kids, when a story is told in a realistic way, it feels more authentic and, in turn, more believable. The word “story” leads us to believe that it is fiction. But this isn’t the case. Think of being at a dinner table and telling a story of that crazy night in college. You are telling a true story, but the way you tell it – the lead up, the development, the suspense and the final punch line – makes a big difference in the way it resonates with the audience. It’s about being genuine, but also delivering with impact.

Be Consistent
Think of the brands that are successful. Each one continues to push the same story into our hearts and minds. Though Nike continues to change their advertising campaigns, the message of pushing the body to surmount any obstacle remains consistent. Think of the brand story as a drill, drilling for water in the ground. If the drill keeps puncturing different areas, it won’t get very deep. However, if the drill continues to bore into the same spot, eventually it will strike water and create a successful well. Similarly, a consistent brand story will make a permanent well in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Be Lively
Remember those bedtime stories that were told with spot-on impersonations and engaging facial expressions? Those were the ones that captivated us, the ones we dreamt about and wished would never end. The same goes for the brand story. Dry, lifeless stories are easily forgotten. Think of a personality for your brand and give it a voice. Are you the nerdy guy? The man with the plan? The underdog? The trailbrazer? Think of your brand as a living, breathing person who faces challenges and overcomes them, then tell your audience about the journey.

A powerful brand story is more than just describing your product or service. It’s also about your brand’s personality and character. Great brands find a way to relate to their audience and bring them into the overarching story of their experiences and memories. Powerful brand stories that are authentic, consistent, and lively will resonate with their audience. It is this type of successful story-telling that allow brands to stand out and create lasting bonds.

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