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Polyvore: The Ultimate Fashion Merchandising Platform


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Imagine walking into a store with over 500 fashion brands, lightning-speed ability to mix and match different pieces, and ample pairing suggestions from like-minded people around the world. Sound impossible? Welcome to Polyvore.

Founded in 2007, Polyvore is the web’s largest fashion community, combining fashion merchandising, social networking, affiliate marketing and eCommerce. Today, it caters to over 20 million visitors every month and continues to grow. I am proud to say that I am an active member on Polyvore and have been since 2010.

As a fashionista who loves all things style, and dreams of living in the big city with multiple fashion-filled closets, I spend a lot of time browsing new fashion sites. Discovering Polyvore brought my hobby to a new level.

Browse New (affordable!) Trends

When I first discovered the site, I was immediately drawn to the immense variety of Chanel purses and Marc Jacobs sweaters. However, as I am only fifteen years old, those luxury items are not practical or affordable for me. Accordingly, it wasn’t the designer clothes that kept me on the site, but rather, the less expensive and more practical brands and “similar items” the website had to offer.

Polyvore has helped me discover the latest trends and fashions both on and off the runway. From the latest collection of Kate Spade handbags to the newest Christian Louboutin heel, I have been able to get an inside look on what it would be like to attend New York Fashion Week.


Copyright © 2013 Polyvore

Become A Stylist

Not only does Polyvore show you the latest fashions, it does each user one better. The site gives you the wand and a chance to become the stylist! Thousands of different products are lined up throughout the website in an organized display to let you style clothes the way you desire.

Polyvore also gives you the opportunity to channel your inner fashionista and influence others to either buy the product or something similar. When entering the online fashion market, it’s often difficult to imagine the individual items with an outfit, let alone try it on. When purchasing clothing either online or in store, most shoppers today are interested in pairing the piece rather than just staring at the static image on the website. Through Polyvore, you can see how other users would style these items and get ideas on how to style it personally.


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Discover the ‘World’ of Fashion

Since I joined Polyvore, I have become much more educated in the world of fashion. And the ‘world of fashion’ is not just a saying. Fashion changes from city to city and from country to country, and each one has its own trademark that makes it the fashion culture of that place. Through Polyvore, I learned all about the oriental fashions and the european fashions, and many brands in North America. I was even introduced to one of my current favorite brands, Topshop, a British clothing, accessory, and shoe retailer.

Through the social aspects of Polyvore, I have discovered fashions from around the world. In the last decade or so, more and more foreign retailers have established stores and shipping possibilities in North America, and the same goes for American brands. Polyvore holds a quick and easy access to brands and stores from all over the world to help these retailers develop a more cultural fan base.


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Find Your Fellow Fashionistas

Social networking is definitely an important factor of the website’s functioning. Mostly women, and some men, with the same interests around the world take part in this one website to share their love for fashion and design. Be it through the act of following, commenting or ‘liking’ sets, or joining and creating groups of different genres and categories. The website’s search engine makes it easy to find sets with particular styles and items, thus creating the base of a social connection. It is similar to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, but with fashion and design at its core.


Copyright © 2013 Polyvore

Win Discounts and Deals

Ultimately, Polyvore is a public advertisement for an array of different companies and brands appealing to populations from every country. Polyvore often teams up with different companies and holds contests that familiarizes users with specific products. From Sperry Topsiders free shoe giveaway contest to H&M celebrating their collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela with a contest that promotes their new collection. Contests receive anywhere from one-thousand to 25 thousand entries with sets.

So whether you’re a new or experienced fashionista, fashion buyer, fashion retailer or fashion manufacturer, offers something relevant and valuable to you. It has taken the art of shopping to a whole new level and simplified online shopping for many. Included as one of ‘The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies’ by Fast Company for ‘turning everyone into a fashion editor,’ Polyvore is my premier fashion destination.

Do you use Polyvore? Let me know which aspect you love most!

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  1. What a great promotional piece for Polyvor, I cannot believe the author is only 15, BRAVO! Keep writing because you’re amazing!!!

  2. Although I am not a fashionista, your descriptions were so explicit and articulate, you left me crying for more….
    Such expression and talent!!!!


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