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Archives for March 2013

3 Homepage Design Mistakes You May Be Making

We all know that web users are incredibly impatient. And rightfully so. They’re used to finding what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently with as little thinking as possible. This means that when a searcher finds his way onto your company homepage, you have about a millisecond to convince him that he is in the […]

How to Transform Your Employee into the Ultimate Brand Ambassador (instead of a PR disaster)

It’s not an uncommon practice for companies to hire celebrities to endorse their brands. We all know James Earl Jones as the voice for Verizon, Bill Cosby as the face of Jell-O, and Jennifer Hudson as the model for Weight Watchers. Celebrities are powerful spokespeople because they have a wide and trusted following. Today’s Era […]

Going Viral: The Harlem Shake and The Meme Factor

As the Harlem Shake has swept the Internet over the past few weeks, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how important the meme factor is in creating a viral craze. Content that can easily be mimicked and reproduced has a much better chance of going viral. Videos and images that […]

Two Sides to Twitter: Listen Before You Leap

The social media landscape is expanding at epic rates and most businesses are keen on joining in and enjoying the benefits. However, before you leap in with both feet, its important to consider what you’re getting into. Many businesses fail to realize that viral marketing can work against them just as quickly as it can […]