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3 Reasons Why a Proprietary CMS is Better for Your Business


Open Source could weigh you down

You know that your company’s online presence is vital to its success. You want to build a strong website that is easy and efficient to manage. The question now is which Content Management System to choose. There are two types of Content Manage Systems available: Open Source and Proprietary. At first glance, “free” Open Source platforms can seem attractive. But before you leap in, it’s important to consider what you’re missing out on:

1. Customization

You are a unique company and you want your website to reflect this. With so many available Open Source CMS platforms, you assume that one will be a good fit. But which one? While there is the illusion of numerous options, the reality is that only a select few are actually usable, and even these have limited application. If you desire a feature that doesn’t fall within the capability of your Open Source CMS, you will have to hire a developer to create these changes, which can become time consuming and expensive. The customization options and quality of Open Source CMS modules simply do not measure up to those of Propriety CMS. When you opt for Proprietary CMS, you get complete customization for your website. This specificity and specialization allows you to take a strategic approach to maximizing the success of your company’s online presence.

2. Expert Support

Suppose you consider the customizing options of an Open Source CMS acceptable for your company. You know your website could look better, but free is free. Or is it? What happens when you can’t figure out how to format an image? Your link isn’t working properly. Or worse, the whole site has crashed. There is no 800 help number, no support center email – you must either figure out how to solve the problem on your own, or hire someone who can help you. But even if you decide to hire someone, this person won’t know the CMS system as well as the original developer. The benefit of propriety CMS is instant access to a team of experts who know your CMS inside and out. They will set up the website for you, continuously update the system, and manage any potential issues. No guesswork, no frustration, no wasted time, and most importantly, no extra costs.

3. Security

A final issue to consider with Open Source CMS is the very fact that it has an open source – meaning that the code is available for everyone to see and update. Unless you constantly monitor the add-ons and plugins line by line, you will have no way of knowing if a developer has added malicious code. With Open Source CMS, your website becomes vulnerable to security risks and hacking. This becomes especially important if your website stores customer information. With propriety CMS, your website functions on a closed source where the security is guaranteed.

While many users will argue that “free is free”, it seems this isn’t always the case with content management systems. Open Source CMS is certainly not a magic bullet and will most likely expose you to fees down the line in the form of developers, graphic designers or web technicians. With Proprietary CMS, not only are these services included, but you also get the added benefit of personal assistance and increased security for your website.

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