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Archives for January 2013

Content is King, but Relevance Reigns!

Content may be king on the web but it’s relevance that reigns when it comes to engaging your audience and creating successful relationships that last. Connecting and communicating with your audience is also the key to having your content stand out from all the online clutter. While using keywords is important, Google has made a […]

Are You Making Your Users Feel Stupid?

I usually take public transit to work, but once in a while I drive all the way in. I park at a public parking lot: $18 for the day. Pretty expensive, but it’s the closest one to the office. At least the self-pay machines are simple and convenient: slide in your credit card, hit the […]

Why B2B Branding is Important

The internet has reduced the need for face-to-face interaction. Buyers can now search the web to compare prices, specs, benefits and easily base their decisions on the results. Furthermore, most industries continue to experience competitive growth and the ultimate result is a marketplace that has turned into a sea of grey in the eyes of […]

Top 5 Benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Canadian search engine market share is dominated by Google—owning a staggering 88% of the pie. This proportion represents an 11% year-over-year increase leaving Bing with 7% of the market and Yahoo! a lowly 4%. Not many would argue that Google brought order to the internet with its search algorithms that value clean, quality content and […]

How-to Motivate Employees in the New Year

Happy New Year! December was full of holiday celebrations with family, friends and colleagues. Many companies used the season to demonstrate appreciation and recognition for the work done in the past year. Now, the holidays are behind us and the Mayans started a new calendar, now what? Leaders should seize the season of self-improvement plans […]

3 Reasons Why a Proprietary CMS is Better for Your Business

You know that your company’s online presence is vital to its success. You want to build a strong website that is easy and efficient to manage. The question now is which Content Management System to choose. There are two types of Content Manage Systems available: Open Source and Proprietary. At first glance, “free” Open Source […]