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Archives for December 2012

Creating Buzz and Going Viral

Is it possible to create something so unbelievable, so unheard of that people might actually wonder, “Could it be true?!” Creating unique content can create a buzz, but creating unique content that challenges our instincts and perceptions is something that’s worth talking about and capable of going viral. Within the last 48 hours, a video […]

Amazing Amazon: Optimizing the Customer Experience

One way to achieve online success is to learn from the greats, like Amazon. Most websites on the Internet can be classified into 4 major categories:

Videos on Websites: 5 Tips for Using Video Effectively

Content on any site should be dynamic and engaging. One way of achieving this is to include some video alongside your text and images. But video shouldn’t only be seen as a complement to your content mix. Video content can help improve your ranking with Google by increasing average visit lengths and lowering drop-off rates. […]

How-to Build Client Relationships in 5 Easy Steps

Lego created a customer for life when they gave a 10-year-old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome the Lego set of his dreams. It was a simple gesture that had an amazing impact and generated a ton of goodwill from a little boy. Businesses large and small should take measures to have meaningful and long-term client relationships. […]

Social Media Has a Place in Canadian Financial Advisors’ Prospecting Strategies [INFOGRAPHIC]

In a marketing agency setting, I get to work with all kinds of clients across a multitude of industries.  Lately, client work and my reference groups have me immersed in the financial sector. I’d need more fingers and toes to count all the friends and family that work in finance; it’s an $82.4 billion industry […]