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The Montreal Networking Group: An event not to be missed

Ali and me at the Montreal Networking Group event Nov. 21st

If you haven’t attended a networking event, you’re missing out. They are a great place to share knowledge, make connections and generate business.

On November 21st, I attended The Montreal Networking Group’s event at Santos Tapas Bar in Old Montreal, organized by Ali Mohammadi and Billy Markoglou: two very charming and hospitable individuals.What I enjoyed most about this particular event was the diversity among the attendees; there were web designers, financial planners, lawyers, business consultants, and more. Such a multi-disciplinary dynamic is something you won’t find at industry specific evenings.  On that note, I would like to share some of the things that I had the opportunity to discuss with some of the very interesting individuals with extensive and varied experience and expertise.

The Importance of Copy
I had the opportunity to speak with a freelance copywriter who highlighted how essential good copy is when trying to brand your company. She expressed that many people feel that they can simply create the written content for their site themselves, but quickly learn that their branding gets lost or traffic does not convert. Copywriters are key in engaging your audience. They know what tone to use, how to best express your offering and encourage action (complete a form, sign-up and/or share information).

An Abused Term: SEO
It seems as though almost everybody is an “SEO Expert” and make grand promises of first page listings on Google search results. The truth is, it is important to seriously review the track record that these agencies are claiming to have. I was able to discuss this with Andreas from Omnivision, who has worked with many companies to successfully generate real income. We briefly discussed various factors that contribute to a better rank (content, keyword use, links, etc.) as well as the necessity of tweaking elements in conjunction with constantly-changing search engine algorithms. SEO isn’t a one-time job; it requires regular maintenance and a thorough understanding of up-to-date best practices.

Trendy Design Isn’t Always the Best Design
Going trendy is often a mistake made by organizations who wish to redesign their websites. They get “wowed” by trendy designs that look visually appealing and forget the importance of best practices when it comes to usability and information architecture. One of the attendees I spoke to mentioned that the latest trend in web design would give you a seizure if you were epileptic – does that sound appealing to you?

I’ve touched on a few of the discussions from my evening , but I was able to explore a lot more beyond what you have read here today. As I mentioned, if you aren’t attending these events, you’re missing out. There is a lot to learn, discuss and brainstorm with others.  I would love to continue any of these discussions with you, so please write your questions/comments below!

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  1. Kristina, Thanks so much for echoing the glaring reality that for some reason, seems almost impossible to explain – even to highly experienced business people. Great read.

  2. Thanks for your comment Andreas! SEO truly is an essential component in one’s marketing arsenal, but choosing the right service provider definitely seems to be a challenge for many. At the networking event, one gentleman expressed his concern in saying that “I pay some guy a lot of money, but have no idea what I’m getting in return.” A client should never feel this way.

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